Skin Care Treatments

Herbs and Extracts that are widely used for skin care treatments

Skin care treatments are generally of two types. The first is to remove skin blemishes like age spots, coffee and birth marks, pigmentation, vascular lesions and age spots. The second is anti-ageing processes that do away with fine lines and wrinkles, frown lines and loose and sagging facial skin. You can either go to a top of the line beauty clinic and spa and opt for laser treatments on state of the art equipment driven by cutting edge advanced technologies or you can use the many anti-ageing and similar creams that are readily available off the shelves at supermarkets.

Here the problem arises – moist of these creams and lotions are made from ingredients that contain harmful chemicals. These toxic substances can even have adverse effects on the skin from continuous usage. Fortunately, today there is a growing awareness all over the world and more so in Australia of the benefits of using skin care substances made from natural products such as herbs and their oil extracts. There is some scepticism even today of whether herbs based cosmetics and skin care creams really work but studies have shown that they do.

Here are a few herbs and extracts that have made a mark in the beauty care industry and hence widely used today. For more on herbs and plants care and their usefulness click here to visit Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery, leading tree and plant care and services agency in Melbourne, Australia.

Rose and rosehip – The extract of both rose petal and rosehip are highly effective in anti-ageing treatments. For dry skin, rose oil is very good as it has great moisturising and hydrating properties. Hence these extracts are greatly used in anti-ageing products.

Lavender – Lavender is very effective in a wide range of skin care treatments as it has many properties that are good for the skin. It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-bacterial and is therefore very effective in treatment of skin blemishes, wounds and cuts. It also has antioxidants and is thus used in anti-ageing skin care products. You can visit websites of tree care and tree removal services in Melbourne for more information on planting this herb in your garden.

Green Tea – Apart from being a very refreshing drink, green tea also offers many skin care benefits. Its high antioxidant properties make it an ideal ingredient for anti-ageing skin care products. Another compound called catechin protects skin cells from free radicals. Extensive research has proved that this compound offers UV protection thereby improving hydration and texture of the skin.

These are some of the herbs and extracts widely used in anti-ageing and skin care treatments.