Ways to Improve Your Salon Business

In the severely competitive world of salon business, you have to constantly look for ways and means to stay one step ahead of your competitors. You can either opt for large scale expansion by pumping in additional investments or you can choose to stay within your existing framework and work out unique out-of-the-box business improvement plans. You can prefer one way over the other or a judicious mix of both depending on your financial stability and demand for salon services in your location.

However, it has to be kept in mind that there is no point in going with massive expansion plans if you are not sure about the quantum of expected demand in the near future for your services. The best way would therefore be to progress slowly and keep testing the waters as you go along.

There is however an exception to this line of thought. If you can introduce some novel and unique value added services to the ones already existing, never mind the level of investments, you can be sure that you can quickly increase your salon business manifold. An example is installing equipment run on cutting edge technologies such as IPL permanent hair removal products which are very popular the world over. Your patrons can shun waxing and epilators for hair removal and opt for it. You can be sure that it will have your appointment book full every day.

A word of caution though, these devices should be bought from leading importers and distributors as it is a matter of safety for your patrons. In this connection you can definitely bank on Universal Medical Aesthetics to deliver top grade IPL laser machines that are safe and meet expectations of salon owners and clients. Some of the devices imported by the agency are those for permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal and microdermabrasion.

As in all businesses, implementing optimised marketing strategies is crucial for the beauty sector too. One of the most effective approaches is increasing brand awareness in your area of operation. Take part in local exhibitions and trade fairs and depute a couple of your best workers to the stall. Give a live demo of say nail art or makeup and offer some freebies like small gifts of some of your branded products. You can distribute pamphlets with a code against which customers can avail a discount on services when they visit your salon. Once you satisfy them with the quality of services, you can be sure of their continued patronage in future.

Being financially prudent is one of the pillars of business growth. Think of ways and means to increase per customer spend per visit at your salon. The first time around, offer a discounted add-on service along with the primary service that the client has booked. If the patron likes what you have to offer, the same will be requested for in the second visit but this time at normal rates. This automatically increases your earnings without any extra effort.

Take action to keep your overheads low. This is done mainly through controlling the quantum of consumables such as gels and shampoos held as inventories. High stocks mean blocking working capital and a cash crunch can be disastrous for business. Estimate the consumables you need in a day and keep a fortnight’s stock in hand. That is enough time to order for more and replenish existing stocks when they run low.

These are just pointers to increase your salon business. You have to constantly devise new plans that are exclusive to your business only.