Glowing Skin

Modern Beauty Tips for Attractive and Glowing Skin

It is often said philosophically that beauty is only skin deep and real beauty is what is lodged in the heart and mind. However, the skin is the most visible reflection of beauty and people go to great lengths to preserve its integrity and firmness. It has to be understood that the skin is another organ of the body and needs to be kept maintained with great care and well nourished. There is no one single factor that makes for a glowing and radiant skin; in fact it is a combination of many, some in our hands, some which are not.

A few of the common skin ailments and degeneration over which we have no control is age and hormonal changes in the body. This leads to fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin under the eyes and chin and acne spots and freckles. Areas that we can control are avoiding unhealthy lifestyle practices such as drug addiction, smoking, alcohol, and bad eating habits. These can lead to indigestion and can play havoc with the quality of the skin and facial skin texture.

Here are a few tips you can try out to ensure a bright and healthy glowing skin.

Natural wholesome diet

A large part of optimised skin care is the quality of the food that we eat. Take plenty of fresh, clean and juicy foods, fruits and vegetables. Strike the right balance with a good diet filled with protein and vitamins. A good lifestyle does not only mean taking the right foods and avoiding greasy finger-licking stuff; it also means a disciplined way of living. Remember, a good night’s sleep does wonders for the skin too.

Natural glowing skin home remedies

In ancient texts, skin care tips are often expounded. These have come down over time and are time tested methods that give the skin a glowing look. Some masks make the skin breathe easier. Try out beauty packs at periodical intervals – nothing expensive picked off super market shelves but made at home with all ingredients from the kitchen.

Here is one that will surely give you positive results. Mix chickpea flower, sandalwood powder, turmeric powder and camphor and mix in plain water, rosewater or milk to a thick consistency paste. Apply on face and leave for 20 minutes. Wash with water and see the immediate transformation in your skin. From being dull, it instantly becomes fresh and glowing.

Laser and IPL skin rejuvenation

This technology is one of the most modern and advanced in the beauty care industry and even after trying out homemade remedies that are quite effective you should take professional treatments periodically. These machines harness the power of laser and IPL light to gently cleanse the facial skin layer of dead and aged cells and boost production of collage. Now collagen is the substance that makes for a taught and tight look and glowing beauty. Hence, treatments on these machines eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, lesions, acne marks and birth marks.

These devices are top of the line and highly sophisticated, run on advanced technologies. In Australia the equipment is imported and distributed by Australian Aesthetic Devices, a leading importer and distributor that sources its supplies from the best manufacturers from around the world. Hence, when you go to a beauty salon and spa that has their machines installed, you can be sure of the finest and safest of skin rejuvenation treatments.

Sweat it out

Blood circulation is important for a glowing skin and you should sweat it out at the gym or even plain run and jog every day. The sweating opens the pores and cleanses it of dirt, dust and grime. After every workout, wash yourself with cool water for the fresh and invigorating look and feeling.

Follow these tips and you should see a rejuvenated skin tone and texture within a very short period of time.